chiftele cu sos si …politica !

… what happens now the Romanian political stage, between weddings, baptisms, weddings and other cumetrii but cutlets with sauce is a spectocol of „a variety” in which actors dressed in clothes that are not fit use a language of gang and have at least strange habit! Class repeat policy, Third Class AA coach of the sorrow of our life makes us more bitter every day … Left is really awkward but big mouth and glassy eyes looking right total power … like looking in the mirror every morning he wants to make sure it’s right today …. minorities run by majorities that change from time to time … the ethnic Ciupe each other to satisfy himself that there … nationalists – Ragusa read out and look like a pearl chiftelele sauce pot filled with bitterness of our political class? Between Nikita and Geoana, first make the audience and the second wave … among dwarf porn and Patriciu ratings first and the second is money … Iliescu and Michael …. fame keeps alive and huge pan of Romanian politics , which is about to give hot, is full of meat balls with sauce that most rotofee … who sees job as a cook and took the time and the crisis is unable, for now, to give fire (beak) to .. . bed!


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