Cu cercul prin politica romaneasca…

… shorts weather passed too quickly for some of us …. I remember the baby of a neighbor, poor hard at home, the whole blessed day wearing a ring rusty barrel, pushing it with a wire bent to the craft. .. canvass neighborhood streets where I lived isolated in all! What really imagine? Keeps the skin feels ugly or any of the drivers passing cars in rush on him, smiling in the corner of her mouth? Who knows? Picture with the child’s neighbors watched me a long time … and today I am reminded again, trying to find the neighborhood kid once, with the circle of rusty, wander through the Romanian political and give interviews to various TV stations because shower …. talking and walking the circle appear to be more in fashion ever!


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Un răspuns to “Cu cercul prin politica romaneasca…”

  1. StropiDeSuflet Says:

    Cred ca pustiul de odinioara impreuna cu toata „gasca” lui, au inlocuit pantalonii scurti cu costumul „de firma” si acum se joaca de-a „baba-oarba”: nimic nu se vede!!!

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