Teatrul de papusi cu mascarici si… trompeta !

… included me an inexpressible joy, when a child, puppets halt, with crowd in our little town. Trimble and heard the trumpet blowing sin notify all waiting … A clown show, with mot, in brightly colored clothes went with all and urged parents to leave their children to see the rag dolls, hung in strings … Puppets, stuffed with straw stood thrown into a basket in the carriage … sad and helpless! Inghititorii were the flames, dwarf clowns, beautiful women at first sight but full of wrinkles and cearcane, sick of life spent on the road, between two performances …. there were some animals that delight children, whose ears hung drooping of How many hands mingiiasera them in play … full of disgust just move their narrow cages … Finally, coconut, in shabby clothes, glasses steamed effort came puppeteer …; have inquisitive eyes and wiry smile …. he knew that no doll not worth a lot of money, he gave life after the show and minua bunu likes lots of straw! There was in power, but still was respected … crowd wanted to leave it sometime, then gave up …. puppeteers bring money and applause …. no money, animals should be left nemincate and women and should be shown to go deep wrinkles … no applause children s theater should be abolished …. and the actors would have been on the road; Mascariciul pinda much to replace old puppeteer only crowd was divided … and then who would be masking believed a dozen, out at elbows and without his head? He was at the gathering gave him money and puppeteers to share the band … and all that makes him stir urging children to come … it was good for mouth and about both! But learn that who shout louder the crowd is believed dupe trick …. and went, for some time, however, began to mascariciul Ragusa … and crowd had a problem – the audience were becoming less and less. .. old man puppeteer, but, save and this time the band …. nesatula buy a trumpet and a deterioration of an old clown midget … surprised at first, the little man caught you like the sound of the trumpet, especially the fingers II were used from childhood, with keyboards … but that times are changing abruptly, turning computers and minds of small children and large puppets into bankruptcy …. puppeteer – become pensioners in an irregular, following the crowd a switch career computer course and mascariciul May wandering the roads and doing stir today and try to reach a puppeteer …


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